With over 20 years of experience Functional Fitness by Renata was founded with a unique client-centered philosophy that integrates functional training in custom-blended programs designed to address every client’s individual needs. I emphasize proper form, and my clients see results without the injuries that can happen with less experienced trainers. You can expect training sessions that are specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.

Unlike the rigid structure of a major fitness corporation’s approach with a “one size fits all” training methodology, our philosophy is quite the opposite. My training routines continuously evolve so virtually no two workouts are ever the same!


If you are looking for someone to help you strengthen your muscles and condition, go quickly to Renata. She is the best personal trainer I ever had. Thanks to her perfect guidance and attention, I really started to enjoy functional Fitness.

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Renata holds multiple up-to-date fitness certifications, is motivating, incredibly energetic and passionate about her work and YOUR success. She is well organized and offers highly time-efficient, result-oriented, challenging, cutting-edge TRX and group workouts, as well as private functional training sessions. Her gym is state of the art, spotless, air-conditioned, and very well stocked with equipment to provide you with an excellent workout ....

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*All prices are in Aruban Florins and include Taxes ($1 = Afl. 1.75)

Personal Training

single session (walk-in): 95

Monthly pricing :

    1 X per week = 350
    2 X per week = 530
    3 X per week = 595
    4 X per week = 760
    5 X per week = 945

weekly pricing:

    2 X per week = 145
    3 X per week = 180
    4 X per week = 205
    5 X per week = 275

Group Classes

single session (walk-in): 35

Monthly pricing :

    1 X per week = 120
    2 X per week = 180
    3 X per week = 220
    4 X per week = 265
    5 X per week = 310

weekly pricing:

    2 X per week = 55
    3 X per week = 80
    4 X per week = 110
    5 X per week = 140